RadonEx offers a variety of services for the mineral exploration industry


  • EIC Radon Surveys: RFM (Radon Flux Monitor), Radon in Water and Radon in Sediment Surveys.
  • Camp Construction & Management
  • Diamond Drill Program Supervision & Core Logging
  • Digital Mapping & Modelling
  • Ground Exploration Services: Soil Sampling, Rock Sampling, Prospecting and Mapping

Our Expertise

RadonEx are the world experts in the application of Electret Inonization Chamber (EIC) radon surveys to uranium and REE exploration.

Our EIC radon surveys have accelerated and advanced uranium exploration projects in various geological settings:

  • Classic sandstone unconformity-type terrains: Athabasca Basin, Thelon Basin and Hornby Basin
  • High-level granitic terrains such as Central Mineralisation Belt of Labrador
  • Sandstone-hosted environments like the Karoo of Southern Tanzania
  • Continental volcanic terrains such as the Baker Lake Basin
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Featured Projects

Featured Projects Map Pic
  • Patterson Lake South Discovery in the Athabasca Basin – RadonEx’s unique Radon-in-water survey was critical to the biggest new mineral discovery in the world in 2013.
  • Mkuju Uranium Project, Southern Tanzania – In 2012 RadonEx’s RFM surveys outlined several sandstone-hosted uranium drill targets.
  • Anna Lake Deposit in the Central Mineralization Belt of Labrador – RadonEx’s RFM surveys lead directly to the discovery and delineation of the Anna Lake Uranium deposit in 2007-2008.


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Latest News

November 17, 2016
Please join us for our presentation at the Saskatchewan Geological Open House. The presentation is titled “Advances in Radon Surveys: The Evolution of RadonEx Survey Techniques”.

November 15, 2016
RadonEx completes a 1200 point radon flux survey for Goviex Uranium on their Madaouela project.

October 14, 2016
RadonEx completes a 400 point orientation radon survey for Rio Tinto Exploration Canada on their Bulyea Project.

August 22, 2016
RadonEx completes a 1500 station radon flux and Ae horizon soil sampling survey for Denison Mines on their South Dufferin project.

June 22, 2016
RadonEx completes a 600+ station orientation radon and soil gas survey for AREVA Resources Canada.

March 27, 2016
RadonEx completes a 143 sample radon in water survey for ALX Uranium at their Lazy Edward Bay project.