Matoush Radon Survey

Matoush Title Map

Client: Strateco Resources – 2011, 2012

RadonEx conducted a test survey over the Matoush uranium deposit for Strateco Resources during the summer of 2011. The results clearly indicate a N-S linear trend which traces the deposit for nearly 1 km in length. Results show a strong surface expression in the south, where the deposit sits near surface, and a weak surface expression in the north, where the deposit sits roughly 250-300 meters below surface.

In a news release from July, 2012, Strateco stated,“In July 2011, a radon survey was conducted by RadonEx above the AM-08, AM-15 and MT-22 lenses to test the method being used. This survey produced very positive results, showing that the method is effective and very quick. This inexpensive technique will thus help reduce exploration costs. The radon anomalies detected are less than 100 metres from the Matoush fault, and were clearly associated with the AM-08 and AM-15 lenses.  Weaker, more diffuse anomalies were detected in the portion of the survey corresponding to the MT-22 lens (-400 m), indicating that signal intensity diminishes with depth. This radon survey therefore showed that it could detect uranium mineralization associated with Matoush-type structures at various depths.”