Mkuju Radon Survey

Mkuju Title Map

Client: Uranex
Year: 2012

In 2012 RadonEx did an extensive radon flux survey for Uranex on their Mkuju Project in southwestern Tanzania.

Describing the RadonEx survey results in a news release dated July 12,2012, Uranex states:  “To initially test the suitability of the technology for the Mkuju area, an orientation survey was conducted across the Likuyu North area where mineralisation from previous drilling has been modeled to produce the maiden resource estimation (MRE). Several transects were done across the MRE to determine optimal spacing in virgin areas and to confirm the technology worked on known mineralization. These orientation survey transects also covered areas which were known not to contain mineralization. Not only did the radon anomalies identify the MRE versus barren ground but the intensity of the positive readings corresponded to composite grade of the MRE resource.”