EIC-Radon-SurveysEIC Radon Surveys

RadonEx has successfully adapted the most efficient techniques in radon measurement to the field of uranium exploration. Radon surveys have proved to be an effective and powerful tool, and have been responsible for uranium deposit discoveries worldwide. Our experienced team of geologists and field technicians provide services and knowledge necessary to help your company achieve cost-effective uranium exploration.

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Ground-Exploration-ServicesGround Exploration Services

We have a team of field technicians and exploration geologists who can plan and execute sampling, mapping and prospecting programs. All sampling programs are completed with the highest degree of attention to quality and consistency in sampling methods.



Digital-Mapping-and-Data-InterpretationDigital Mapping and Data Interpretation

We use the latest mapping, logging and 3D modeling software. When working in the field, we can provide same day maps in order to track progress and define targets. From our office, we provide detailed maps and 3D models to accompany summary reports or interpretive reports.



Camp-Construction-and-ManagementCamp Construction and Management

RadonEx is experienced and equipped to plan and construct exploration camps, no matter the location or accessibility. We also have the ability to provide long-term camp management and logistical support. Whether temporary or permanent, camps are constructed based on the requirements of the field operations in any condition or environment.



Diamond-Drill-Program-Supervision-and-Core-LoggingDiamond Drill Program Supervision and Core Logging

RadonEx has managed exploration-drilling programs in a number of geological settings across Canada. Our team can organize drill programs from start to finish, and take care of spotting, supervising logging, and all necessary on-site sampling and data management and analysis.